In my journey as a long time accountant and confidant for the family, I found myself the administrator of Mitzi and Ed’s estate.

I will be in Maui attending Mitzi‘s funeral and delivering the eulogy as part of a traditional Catholic ceremony. It has been a long journey, and I want to thank my staff for putting up with me, including tolerating the mess of boxes laying around the office that I have been going through searching for her last will and testament as well as salvaging their precious memories that I will be putting in their grave along with their ashes. When I get back, I will clean it all up and restore our office to a more pristine condition.

None of this is a coincidence, as my destiny and the destiny of our practice is being woven by these karmic events. It is all a test of my character and conviction, as God is molding me and guiding me to become the person that He meant me to be. It is clear to me that our mission to is to give Peace of Mind to the community by being grounded in Love and Compassion. This is what the world needs and that is sorely missed.

Our mission is going to take me to Hawaii, and eventually to Japan to create a bridge between here and there. This bridge will extend across the United States from the West Coast all the way to the East Coast. We are already establishing roots in Texas and soon we will be expanding further East.

It is part of my mission to recruit others to join me on this journey to change the world 🌎 to be a better place. The Pandemic caused a deep fracture into the core of Human existence that needs to be mended. Especially we need to influence the future generation to bring us all back together as one society, one race, the “Human Race”.

The glue that will bind us together is “Love and Compassion”. It is not easy to find love even within ourselves, let alone share our love with others. There are so many demons within that block us from loving ourselves. “Life is a Battlefield” and the battle that we need to fight the hardest is the battle that goes on within. We must work diligently to build our Heart ❤️ Muscle because “We cannot give what we don’t have”. Therefore, we need to work on ourselves to deepen our love and understanding so that we can pursue our mission with courage, confidence, and the full conviction of our heart and soul.

The question I have for you reader is, “What is my life mission?”

I’m sure this will spur a lot of thought and controversy within yourselves. Having a clear Life Mission or “Do” (道) is not easy, and is a slow process of Self Realization that can grow over time (or not). It depends on you and how honestly you are willing to look in the mirror. As you climb the Mountain of Life, the higher you climb the better the view and clearer is your vision, as the top of the mountain is no longer blocked by the clouds . In looking down the mountain from where you came, with what you know now, you could never go back to the way things were before. This is the point of no return.

I ask you to consider this question and to send me an email with your answer. Please limit your answer to three sentences or less. I know that it will probably start out as an essay which will have a lot of “if’s”, “and’s”, and “but’s. The training is to polish it down to the essence of your core thoughts, deepest convictions, and do your best to visualize who is the person that God meant you to be.

Thank you all for your hard work and being part of this journey with me.

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