Accounting Firm in Plano, TX

Accountonus opened an office in Plano Texas in 2019. Plano, and all of its surrounding areas is a vastly expanding community with many companies moving there and establishing their headquarters. As a result, there has been a boom in commerce requiring the needs of our services for consulting, accounting, and tax services. The Los Angeles main office works closely with the Plano branch office to serve all the needs of our clients, and through the support of our Los Angeles main office, we are able to supply the full range of services in Plano that we would be able to provide in Los Angeles. We specialize in small to medium-sized businesses providing a holistic approach to supporting our clients’ needs. A small business cannot afford to have a full-time CFO on staff or perhaps even a controller for that matter. We are able to provide that needed service to supplement these businesses to fill the gap between the owners and their administrative staff as their “Virtual CFO”.

Accounting Firm in Plano, TX

We can help them to:

  • Create an integrated accounting system to manage their business.
  • Provide support accounting services to supplement and review staff bookkeepers.
  • Payroll services.
  • Be part of the management team to chart the course of the future, both for the business and for the owners.
  • Work with bankers, attorneys, and financial institutions on financial matters.
  • Tax planning and strategy to reduce taxes.
  • Tax preparation.
  • Estate planning.
  • Pension planning.
  • Handling Trust matters.
  • Transfer of wealth and business succession.

Tax and CPA Services

A Certified Public Accountant can provide numerous services for businesses and individuals. Still, no other expert can offer the same quality or quantity of services that the CPA can. Essentially if you want to ensure that your financial details are accurate, a CPA can ensure these are proficient.

But there are other fields and services not limited to their profession for which a CPA’s credential qualifies them—anything related to accounting, including tax services, consulting, and payroll. Let’s look at each individually.

Tax Services

Not only is it imperative to work with a professional with expertise in tax laws, but one with knowledge and experience in international tax laws.
When looking at global accounts and taxes, the laws are continually changing, with each country having distinct guidelines and potentially treaties. Not only will there be administrative challenges but language barriers.
The best CPA services at Account On Us can handle US tax laws which are among the most complicated worldwide and be familiar with international regulations to safeguard your needs as the world works more often in a global market.

Consulting Services

Businesses can thrive when leaders have a partnership with a financial consulting service advising them on how to proceed toward their objectives while remaining compliant with IRS guidelines.

Account On Us has extensively studied financial planning and investment strategies, making them the ideal partner to advise on business and taxes and as an overall consultant. The priority is to look for someone with years in the industry and a keen understanding of business.

Accounting Services

Accounting services are vital for the financial health of any business, whether you’re a self-employed entrepreneur, a small business, or even a large organization. You should be able to readily have a “glimpse” of the finances at any given moment.

With adequate and efficient CPA services, a business can expand and grow more profitable and thriving since its focus is on vital business operations.


Businesses strive to manage payroll services on-site, with the business leader calculating employee hours with taxes deducted and checks deposited with employees’ accounts. Still, mistakes are readily made, resulting in IRS penalties.

With a CPA firm, the work is managed in a more straightforward and error-free process freeing up time for the company to concentrate on growth and success and ensuring compliance and obligations with the IRS are met.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Certified Public Accountant?

While a Certified Public Accountant is, by all accounts, an accountant, not all accountants are CPAs. A CPA earns their professional designation through an extensive education and training, years of experience in the industry through varied fields aside from their own and obtaining licensure.

The expert is also responsible for passing the “Uniform CPA Examination” before being able to practice. The American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) grades the exam with licensing determined by Boards of Accountancy within the “state, district, and county.”

Is it worth filing taxes with a CPA?

A CPA offers advanced training and education in a vast area of business and accounting where a licensed tax preparer is not required to possess an advanced degree for generic tax prep.

These preparers must display competence with an exam or via employment with the IRS. For the highest level of accuracy, optimum transparency, and assurance of compliance with laws, a CPA is the most efficient choice.

Do accountants process payroll?

When surmising a payroll accountant’s employment role when working with a corporation or a small business, the professional is involved with vast duties that involve input from managers and financial experts to validate accuracy and compliance relating to payroll for the company. There are often common mistakes with in-house payroll accounting.

If this were outsourced to a CPA, there would be a lesser opportunity for error, instead, a much higher chance for accuracy.

The individual manages the entire company’s payroll responsibilities as a company payroll accountant. The objective is to strive for promptness, accuracy, and compliance. The expert involves an accounting system for the precision of calculating wages, tax deductions, taxes, bonuses, and commissions.

The payroll accountant might have instances when an account might need to be audited or reconciled, or there might be a need to investigate reports of irregularities. There is a requirement to comply with best practices and regulations relating to wages, deductions, taxes, and worked hours.
The accountant must thoroughly understand the laws and how these impact staff pay.

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A licensed, experienced Plano, TX, Certified Public Accountant serves many roles besides standard tax services for the businesses and individuals they serve.

The advantage is that these experts have the studies, training skills, and expertise that takes them beyond their designated field to be a greater asset to the people and organizations they partner with.

In working alongside the financial professional, a company like Account On Us can realize financial solutions to immediate adverse financial or tax situations and then be consulted on how to progress to expand on their objectives in order to see growth and ultimately greater success.

Working with a Certified Public Accountant in Plano, Texas is about more than taxation; it’s about representation.

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