As we start a new year, we all take a moment to think about our life behind us and our life ahead. “DO” (道) in the Japanese language means “Path” or direction. In the deepest sense of this Kanji it is our “Life Mission” and our “Way of Living” that defines who we are as a human being. We all must choose our “Do” and devote our lives towards becoming the best version of the person God meant us to be. Making a strong and deep commitment to be loyal to this “Higher Cause” is a process of looking within and finding our True Self.

“If you don’t know where you are going then any path will take you there”. It is important to make a plan for your life, to draw a map, and put forth your best effort to reach your destination. Having a worthy cause, a “Higher Cause” beyond your selfish survival, will allow you to have a life mission with purpose and give you willpower to battle against life’s distractions and detours. Finding “Do” is a process of climbing of the “Mountain of Life” that is filled with many obstacles, challenges, and hardships which we must overcome. The path to Happiness, Salvation, and Peace of Mind is uphill.

When we are young, we are not sure who is the person we were meant to be, and what path in life we should be taking. We rely on parents, teachers, and mentors to guide us in the right direction. Even as adults, we often lose our way and need guidance to get us back on track and to find a renewed purpose in life. Like a lighthouse beacon shining through the dark storm, we need people to help us find safe ground as we battle through the stormy seas of life. Without a clear path, we become ships lost at sea, sailing aimlessly in whatever direction the winds and currents take us. It is possible to create a life path that allows us to be happy and free. By looking within and working on cleaning house on the inside we open the door to creating a life on the outside that is a reflection of the person within. As we develop the love within, we are able to share this love with others. We cannot give what we don’t have.

In business and in life we must think mindfully about “Why we do what we do”. It is important to maintain Ethical Discipline in the way we do business and the way we live.


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